Swedish Massage: 

A style of massage used to loosen up tight muscles and increase circulation. This is a perfect way to soothe your

mind and body.  Relax and enjoy!



Deep tissue Massage:

This style is used to release chronic muscle tension with slower strokes and more direct pressure. 

Your therapist will discuss your problem areas and customize your session to meet your needs.



Prenatal Massage:  Therapy specifically tailored for expectant mother's needs.  It can help reduce stress and promote relaxation during pregnancy.  It can reduce and alleviate neck, back and joint pain caused by prenatal posture changes, muscle weakness or tension, the extra weight of pregnancy or imbalance.



Thai massage:  An ancient healing art that dates back to 2000 years.  The therapist uses hands, elbows, knees and feet to move the client into passive stretches and applies gentle pressure along the body's energy lines.

Tradionally performed on a mat on the floor with client fully clothed, but can also be incorated onto the table.  It is great for increasing circulation, relieving pain and discomfort, and is gnerally described as both relaxing and energizing.



The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal TherapiesTM:  is an external, non-invasive massage technique, developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo, after her apprenticeship with the last of the Traditional Maya Shaman in Central America, Don Elijio Panti.
Maya massage improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen by gently guiding the internal abdominal organs into their proper positions for optimal health and well-being. 

This technique applies anatomy, physiology, herbology and naprapathy (the study of the ligaments, joints and muscles,) with ancient Maya healing techniques to address common complaints of both women and men. The technique works by relieving congestion and blockages to improve the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomology.


The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage™ combines modern science with traditional healing and wisdom to produce a holistic path to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This treatment is not recommended during menses, when an IUD is present, immediately following pelvic surgery, during the 1st trimester of pregnancy or where an active infection or cancer is present in the pelvic region.

For further detailed information, go to: http://arvigotherapies.com




Maya Abdominal Massage -Initial Session $115/ Follow-up Session $85

Thai Massage 90- Minute $95 Thai massage 60-Minute $80

90-Minute Massage $100 / 60-Minute Massage $80

30-Minute massage $35

Sliding Scale available enquire within.


Insurance Accepted:

ASH, Kasier, CHP, Healthnet, Aetna, Cigna, Moda, Providence and Pacific Source. Soon to be in network with Regence and BCBS.

Motor Vehicle Accident-with a prescription or referral from a primary care physician or chiropractor.


Massage Packages:  three 60 minute massages, or two 90 minute massages for $165, or three 90 minute massages for $250.


Gift Certificates available in any amount.


*Packages can be used within one year of date of purchase, and are non refundable.  They may be shared or transferred to another person.


*Payment is due at time of service unless other arrangements are made prior to appointment time.  


*Cancellations:  Please allow 24 hour notice for cancellations and rescheduling.  Payment will be required for sessions cancelled in less than 24 for hours, unless due to sickness or emergency.